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 IAMS Member Database

IAMS is a unique international association of people involved in mission studies. In order to facilitate academic interaction between IAMS members and members of national/regional/denominational associations for mission studies around the world, this membership directory is expanded with data on institutional background, research background and specific research interests. In order for the database to fulfill its intentions as a global networking tool, your cooperation in entering your data/CV/bibliography, etc. and updating the directory is needed.

If you are involved in mission studies, you are kindly requested to enter your professional data into the database by filling the form directly on your screen. Name and address data of IAMS members are already entered into the database, thus you only need to update your data. Follow this procedure:
1) Click the MEMBERS' LOGIN option (top right of this screen).
2) Enter your IAMS membership number (preferably) or your IAMS-registered email address as your username
3) Click the button to request a One-Time Password - an OTP; the database will email you an OTP
4) Copy the OTP from the email and paste it into the password box on the login screen
5) Click the Log in button

When you have entered your personal record, please double-check it for accuracy and then enter your professional data. Please tick those boxes that identify your research interests. On the basis of these indications, IAMS colleagues with the same research interests will be able to find you when using the database search facility.

Whenever any data needs to be changed in your record, please enter the database yourself and make the changes. For IAMS this is a cost efficient way to maintain an updated, relevant database. It will only take a few minutes - especially you use your computer's copy-and-paste feature to transfer your CV/bibliography into the appropriate form fields.

This data will be available on the IAMS Web-page, which is an important networking tool. We assume that your data will already be publicly available from other sources besides this database. However, at the top of the questionnaire you can indicate whether for some reason you do not want your data made available via the IAMS database search facility.

Whenever you need to find contact details or professional data on an IAMS colleague, please use this web-site to do a search.

If you have any questions regarding the database, please contact iams@cms-uk.org.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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