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Why Has IAMS Adopted One-Time Passwords?

You have almost certainly seen vans advertising that “No tools are kept in this vehicle overnight”.

The situation with passwords is exactly the same. And a password isn’t just any old tool: it’s the key to the whole vehicle and everything in it.

Passwords stored on site spend 99% of their time doing nothing except offer a tempting target for hackers.

  • If no passwords are stored on site, there’s nothing to tempt the hacker.
  • If one-time passwords (OTPs) are the norm, you never have to remember your password.
  • If OTPs are the norm, you’ll never be guilty of using a password that you’ve already used elsewhere.
  • If OTPs are the norm, you can never be accused of not changing your password often enough.

OTPs make sense.

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Memberships of Academic Associations
(Other theological/missiological associations, networks, foras etc.)
 IAMS (International Associations for Mission Studies)
 AAMS (Asutralain Association of Mission Studies)
 AFOM (Association Francophone Oecuménique)
 ANZAMS (Aotearoa New Zealand Association for Mission Studies)
 APMB (Associação de Professores de Missões no Brasil)
 ASM (American Society of Missiology)
 BIAPT (British and Irish Association for Practical Theology )
 CEAMS (Central and Eastern European Association for Mission Studies)
 DGMW (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Missionswissenschaft)
 EMS (Evangelical Missiological Society)
 IACM (International Association of Catholic Missiologists)
 IFOM (Indian Fellowship of Missiologists)
 INFEMIT (International Fellowship of Evangelical Mission Theologians)
 NIME (Nordic Institute of Missiology and Ecumenism)
 Relami (Latin American Ecumenical Networking of Missiologists)
 SAMS (South African Missiological Society)

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Thank you for your application for individual membership of IAMS! We will send a receipt for having received the application as soon as possible. Please notice that the Executive Committee makes the final decision concerning membership. The procedure for the application for membership is the following: the applications from the last months or so are collected and sent to all the Executive Committee members, and thus your application should be processed within that time. We will write you back in due time.