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Checking login details
To log in and update or edit your profile do the following:
1) Enter your e-mail or member ID in the Username box and click the "Send Temporary Password" button;
2) Return to this login page; if the username box is empty, re-enter your username;
3) Copy the temporary password from the email message sent by the database. paste it into the password box and click "log in". Do not use the ENTER key,
2) You are now logged in and your personal profile will appear on the screen. You can change your address, paste your bibliography, register for the next Assembly etc.
Please remember to press the "update" button after you have changed the profile - this will save your changed profile.

Username: Email or member ID:
The database will send a ONE-HOUR-LIFESPAN, SINGLE-USE password to the email address registered to your username above

Log in problems contact the IAMS Secretariat