International Association of Catholic Missiologists


2004 Assembly
Member's Papers
In Memoriam

The International Association of Catholic Missiologists exists for the purpose of promoting missiological research, studies and educational activities and encouraging collaboration among Catholic missiologists.  The Association is at the service of the missionary activity of the Church.

        For further information please contact the Secretary:

Fr. Bertrand Roy, P.M.E.
Saint Paul University
223 Main, Ottawa ON
Canada K1S 1C4
Tel.: +1 (613) 236-1393, ext. 2236
Fax: +1 (613) 751-4028
e-mail: iacm @ ustpaul.ca

2004 Executive

President: Rev. Fr. Dr. William La Rousse, MM (USA/Philippines)

Vice President: Rev. Fr. Eleazar Lopez (Mexico)

Executive Secretary: Rev. Fr. Dr. Bertrand Roy, PME (Canada)

Treasurer: Dr. M/s. Luisa Melo Leyton (Chile/Italy)

Africa: Rev. Fr. Dr. Silvester Arinaitwe Rwomukubwe, AJ (Uganda)

Latin America: Rev. Fr. Dr. Joaquin Garcia, OSA (Peru)

North America: Rev. Fr. Nicanor Sarmiento, T., OMI (Canada)

Asia- Oceania:  Rev. Fr. Dr. Lazar Thanuzraj, SVD (India)

Europe: Rev. Fr. Dr. Paul Steffen, SVD (Germany/Italy)